GOLDFund takes a percentage in the actual gold produced by near term Gold Producers. That is, GOLDFund takes a percentage of ownership of the actual Gold that is in the ground, prior to being mined.

As our GOLDFund is used to finance the extraction of the Gold, we take a defined percentage (varied on the amount the company requires in GOLDFund capital) of the Gold.
GOLDFund is now actively trading on a number of Cryptocurrency Exchanges around the World. To view them, go to our Exchange List.
GOLDFund is a digital coin investment. Our goal is to facilitate the mining of Gold leveraging our experience in the mining and resources sector.
GOLDFund has a simple and sustainable transaction-based business model. We partner with near term Gold producers and in return receive Gold as their mining operation extracts gold. GOLDFund makes this Gold available for purchase by GFUN Coin holders. Because we obtain the Gold at cost lower than market price, we pass that discount on to purchasers of the Gold. Gold is purchased with the GFUN coin.
GOLDFund Tokens/Coins can only be traded on Cryptocurrency Exchanges, or by peer to peer transfer from one digital wallet to another. To find the best exchange, please follow the Telegram Icon link at the bottom of the Website.
Yes! There are many APPS that allow trading of GFUN Tokens (GoldFund Tokens). You can find APPS that support cryptocurrency trading on our Exchange List.
If you do not have any GFUN tokens now, you can visit any of the supported exchanges and buy them now. Go to our Exchange List.
There is always a risk when transferring or trading cryptocurrency. Take precautions on safely keeping your passwords, and never show them to anyone else.