With so many cryptocurrency exchanges appearing on an almost daily basis, the average person, or not so average if you are a Crypto Enthusiast, can be overwhelmed by the sheer number.

GoldFund (GFUN) (CRYPTO:GFUN) is available for purchase on the TOKENMOM decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. GFUN coins are a new digital currency that provides development capital to proven gold resources. Users that possess GFUN coins are eligible to purchase discounted gold at the ZOMIA Gold Exchange (find out more: www.goldfund.io).

Cryptocurrency Exchange Soar Exchange open trading for GoldFund (CRYPTO:GFUN). Users can now deposit BTC, ETH or GFUN for trading.

European based Crypto Exchange Worldcore.Trade will open trading for GFUN/TUSD (CRYPTO:GFUN) and GFUN/BTC trading pairs on 1st February, 2019. Users can now deposit GFUN Tokens and Trade live.

Dcoin will list GFUN/USDT (CRYPTO:GFUN) on 24th January. Details are as follows:

GOLDFund.io announces that trading of the GFUN Token will begin on February 1,2019 on two leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

GoldFund.io a commodity platform for Cryptocurrency and Gold today announces the pending listing of the GFUN Token on the Coinhub Cryptocurrency Exchange.

GoldFund.io a commodity platform for Cryptocurrency and Gold today announces the first listing on a Cryptocurrency Exchange following its ICO ending on 31 January, 2019.

GoldFund.io CEO Tim Mckinnon Explains the GoldFund commodity ecosystem and how GoldFund works as a cryptocurrency commodity that is used in a gold trading commodity platform.

The December 1, 2018 launch of the GoldFund.io ICO after a pre-ICO period of only a month, saw 10,250 registrations and 200 Million GFUN coins circulated.

Goldfund.io announces that pre-sale to the Initial Coin Offering will end on the 30th November and is pleased to advise that information regarding the ICO launch is now being published on major cryptocurrency listing sites.

GOLDFund.io has launched into 34 countries, with new Bitcoin and GoldFund (GFUN) Wallets created for participants in less than one month.

GOLDFund.io has pledged USD$1,000,000 in GFUN Coins (Approximately 200 Million GFUN Coins) to New Subscribers.

GOLDFUND (GFUN) today announces the release of the GOLDFund Web Wallet enabling transactions between Bitcoin, physical Gold and the GFUN coin.

GOLDFUND (CRYPTO:GFUN) is enabling near term precious metals producers get into production by providing the capital they need. In return GOLDFUND is rewarded with part of the production, which is returned to GOLDFUND.