Pledges Airdrop Of USD$1,000,000 In GFUN Coins To New Subscribers has pledged USD$1,000,000 in GFUN Coins (Approximately 200 Million GFUN Coins) to New Subscribers.

GOLDFund is providing an "airdrop" of cryptocurrency coins to cryptocurrency wallets for anyone interested in the GoldFund ecosystem.

New subscribers at can obtain 10,000 GFUN coins at no cost, added to their cryptocurrency wallet, and tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges from December 2018.

In addition, a physical GOLDFund coin will be sent to each new subscriber. The 24K Gold plated GFUN coin bearing the branding "Audentes Fortuna Juvat" in Latin is translated as "Fortune Favours the Bold".

Both GFUN cryptocurrency and the physical coin are available on:

To receive 10,000 GFUN coins via an Airdrop, visit:


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