(CRYPTO:GFUN) Announces Capital Raising And Issues Information Memorandum (CRYPTO:GFUN) has lodged an Information Memorandum for raising operational capital to accelerate the rollout of the Goldfund ecosystem and business. Pty Ltd is a private company listed on the platform as VCEX:GFN with a market capitalisation of AUD$6.5 Million.

The VCEX platform (as an ASIC agent) facilitates the listing and compliance for private companies in Australia, and provides management of regulatory compliance/disclosure as well as share purchase/trading for professional Section 708 investors.

The Information Memorandum details the raising of AUD$100,000 at AUD$0.13 per share. The offer is open until June 30, 2021, unless closed earlier at the discretion of the company.

The offer can be exclusively viewed on VCEX, please visit:


Sourcing Capital for Mining & Investment in Precious Metals while providing liquidity to transactable Cryptocurrency Coins using Blockchain Security. also operates the GoldFund Cryptocurrency Exchange, where Gold can be exchanged for cryptocurrency assets.


VCEX is an Australian Investment ecosystem and trading platform making it easier for investors and companies to connect, raise capital and trade shares. The VEX is seen as being the future of capital raising for small to medium enterprises, its ability to raise funds at very short notice, issue shares and manage funds whilst maintaining continuous disclosure is a world first.

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