(CRYPTO:GFUN) Announces Final Closure Of Airdrop Program (CRYPTO:GFUN) Announces Final Closure of Airdrop Program for all participants who registered and received GFUN Airdrop Tokens.

Tim Mckinnon CEO and Chairman of GoldFund said, "We were very pleased with the number of participants who became involved in the AirDrop program. As a result, many holders of GFUN were created, in fact, from 93 countries. This does demonstrate the breadth of exposure that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has."

Holders of GFUN Tokens on the website that have not transferred their GFUN tokens to the Ethereum blockchain have until the 10th of May to move the tokens into their own ERC20 compliant digital wallet.

After the 10th of May 2019, any GFUN Tokens held on the website will be returned to the pool of tokens and will no longer be available to Airdrop participants.

To claim GFUN Airdrop tokens that you have in a wallet, please log in and provide a transfer address prior to 10th May 2019.


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