Launches Web Wallet To Transact Gold, GFUN Coins And Bitcoin

GOLDFUND (GFUN) today announces the release of the GOLDFund Web Wallet enabling transactions between Bitcoin, physical Gold and the GFUN coin.

GOLDFUND provides:

- Capital Support into Proven Un-mined Gold Reserves.

- Payback from precious metal production.

- Exposure limited to participants in a Regulated and Audited marketplace.

- A guaranteed discount on Gold Purchases made with GFUN coins.

- Liquidity of GFUN coins on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. (December 1)

With GOLDFund you can trade the GFUN coins, exchange Bitcoin for GFUN coins and use GFUN coins to purchase discount Gold from our precious metals producers.

GOLDFund provides a tri-cyclic liquidity mechanism to ensure liquidity of the GFUN coins both "on-chain" and "off-chain".

GOLDFund is affiliated with Revolution Metals Ltd, other near term gold producers and ZOMIA Gold Direct, where Gold can be purchased.

Expressions of interest are invited from near term Gold producers to participate in the GOLDFund ecosystem.

Download the Whitepaper here in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English:

About Revolution Metals Ltd:

Revolution Metals Ltd is an Australian public company and developer of mineral resources. The focus of the company is to develop mineral assets of economic grade to production, providing investors with rapid return on investment. Revolution's current tenement holding comprises 40 square kilometres of mineralized gold, silver, nickel, cobalt and lead bearing structures in northern New South Wales, Australia.

The primary gold bearing ironstone and quartz deposits of Mt Remarkable, Pine Creek and Alice Cornwall, are part of a field of numerous reefs and historical artisanal workings with over sixty identified as producing gold over a century ago.


Sourcing Capital for Mining & Investment in Precious Metals while providing liquidity to transactable Cryptocurrency Coins using Blockchain Security.

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