Goldfund (CRYPTO:GFUN) Lists On Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange

GoldFund (GFUN) (CRYPTO:GFUN) is available for purchase on the TOKENMOM decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. GFUN coins are a new digital currency that provides development capital to proven gold resources. Users that possess GFUN coins are eligible to purchase discounted gold at the ZOMIA Gold Exchange (find out more:

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About TOKENMOM, Decentralized Exchange(DEX)

Tokenmom Exchange allows all tokens(Ethereum based ERC20 and ERC721) to be traded.

Tokenmom is a decentralized exchange based on the 0x protocol, a company of ZRX token. No additional deposit and withdrawal is necessary, nor does it require membership. Only with Tokenmom wallet, Metamask and Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, users can trade their tokens in real-time anywhere, anytime with PC and Mobile.

The best advantage is that users can trade all ethereum based tokens, even if they are not listed on tokenmom's market.

Although the decentralized exchanges are growing around the world, since only market-listed tokens are available for trading, ICO investors have been waiting for their tokens to be listed on the exchange. Tokenmom has made it possible for users to trade all ethereum based tokens via their personal wallets in real time, regardless of the exchange's listing. This is a big difference from other decentralized exchanges.

Furthermore, since the deposit and withdrawal is not required, there is no need to pay the deposit and withdrawal fee.


Sourcing Capital for Mining & Investment in Precious Metals while providing liquidity to transactable Cryptocurrency Coins using Blockchain Security.

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