(CRYPTO:GFUN) Launches Blockchain Enabled Gold Kiosk - Buy Gold Using Mobile Phone Number (CRYPTO:GFUN) announces the launch of the stand alone portable Gold and Crypto Kiosks that enable anyone with a mobile phone and debit/credit card to buy Gold.

The innovative Kiosk has a standard ATM footprint and can be easily deployed to high traffic areas like shopping centres, conference events, hotel lobbies and anywhere there is passing foot traffic.

Tim Mckinnon CEO of said, "We have been looking at new ways to enable the ordinary person to obtain Gold conveniently. In the larger picture, GoldFund is a facilitator for early stage Gold Producers to get into production, thereby obtaining Gold at well below market cost."

The Kiosks are currently available in Australia, and the company is seeking a manufacturing partner to produce a further 1000 units for placement in other countries. earlier this year launched a token on the ERC 20 Ethereum platform and currently has a market capitalization of USD$20 Million.

To view the Video of the GoldFund Kiosk, please visit:


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